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Snorkeling Basics

Snorkeling is great fun, and it is fast becoming one of the fastest growing pastimes across the globe. Each year, more and more people are seeing the benefits that snorkeling can bring, and it is not a hobby that is limited to adults, children can gain a lot from snorkeling too.

A Fantastic Pastime

When people think of snorkeling, they immediately think that they are going to need lots of expensive equipment, however, this is not the case at all, and you can find some good snorkeling apparatus whatever your budget. There are only three main pieces of equipment that you need before you can start experiencing the joys of snorkeling, and these are: The snorkel itself, a mask and some fins.

Snorkel Masks

One of the most difficult things that any person new to snorkeling faces is their choice of mask. This is something that needs to be right, because an ill fitting or uncomfortable snorkeling mask is only going to make the snorkeling experience an unpleasant one. You may well need to try on several snorkeling masks before you find one that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Although seeking advice from friends who are experienced in snorkeling is a good idea, just because the mask they use is good for them, does not mean it is going to be right for you, so take your time and pick one that feels right for you.

Buying a Snorkel

As well as the importance of the mask, you should not overlook the most crucial piece of snorkeling equipment, after all this is wear the hobby got its name from. The snorkel is the implement from which you will receive your crucial air supply whilst swimming under the waves, and it also needs to be in a good working order, otherwise you will find your snorkeling experience less enjoyable than it should be. The deeper you are thinking about diving, and then the longer the snorkel is going to have to be and you can also get ones that a wider, this will help you to breathe easier.

Once you have purchased all of the necessary equipment, you are all ready to enjoy your first snorkeling experience, and you will probably be hooked as soon as you start taking part in this wonderful pastime, and it will not be long before you are raring to go and do it all over again.
Snorkeling safety

Get a Comfortable Snorkeling Gear

Unlike in diving, you will only need fins, mask, and a snorkel for snorkeling. Make sure that the strap of the mask is at the widest part of your head and that the fins are snug but not too tight. Comfort and visibility are important factors when choosing a mask. It would be better if the mask has an anti-fog feature so things would be more visible.

Don’t Snorkel Alone

No matter how confident you are in snorkeling, it is still advisable to snorkel with a buddy. Don’t panic because this will cause hyperventilation or the state of breathing faster. Hyperventilation reduces the levels of carbon dioxide in your body and thus, will cause you to faint or black out.

Relax When Snorkeling

Do not keep on kicking because this will only make you use up your energy. Keep your ankles relaxed to avoid cramping.

Wear Waterproof Sunscreen

Do not forget to put on waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The sun can be scorching hot especially when you’re out of the water. Put sunscreen even on a cloudy day since the UV rays can still penetrate the thickest clouds. Reapply in between snorkels.

Don’t Disturb the Marine Life

Be careful when snorkeling. Don’t step on the corals since they are fragile and can be very sharp. Also, it will take several years for a broken coral to grow back. Be careful not to step on sea urchins which have sharp spines. Don’t feed the marine life bread, chips, or other non-fish food because it’s not part of their diet. Do not touch the marine life since you would not know what they are capable of doing. Remember that you are just a visitor so learn to respect their territory.

Equalize your ears

If you begin feeling pressure in your ears, equalize them by holding your nose gently and blowing them.

It is fun to snorkel in a tropical place , where there is warm water and many interesting things to see. By just snorkeling, you are able to observe and marvel on the underwater life without schooling or complicated equipment.

When you have purchased the mask and the snorkel, the next item you will need is a good pair of flippers and you are ready to go and take part in one of the most breathtaking and relaxing hobbies in the world.

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