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Did Michael Jordan Play Against Plumbers?


There are some people who say Michael Jordan played against a plumber when he was playing for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan is known as one of the best basketball players of all time but that is usually brought up when he is compared to LeBron James. Both of them are linked to each other as being two of basketball’s all-time greats. In fact, ESPN’s First Take recently had a debate between Jay Williams and Jalen Rose as to who among the two of them would win in a one-on-one contest.

Jalen Rose lost his mind when Jay Williams says that LeBron would beat Michael since he is a few inches taller. However, Jalen Rose says that Jordan has perfected the fadeaway and there is no way LeBron would win. Sadly, we will never know the result but we do know Jordan recently says that he can beat LaVar Ball with one arm tied behind his back. It is pretty hard for somebody to do that but knowing how good Jordan is, he could probably do it.

LaVar Ball is just one of those characters who talk a lot but can’t really back it up. A lot of people say Jordan went up against a bunch of plumbers because he did not have that good of competition compared to what LeBron James is getting right now. This is entirely accurate but some people bring up a good point as today’s players are that much better. Besides, Jordan could probably scoreless against good defenders such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

It is pretty scary to think that both of those players are now on the same team. Yes, Kawhi will make you look like a plumber since he is the recent NBA Finals MVP after leading the Toronto Raptors to the title. He burned another dynasty through the ashes and the upcoming NBA season is as wide open as ever with the Lakers and Clippers considered as the favorites. Who knows who is going to come out on top? Of course, it is the team that is the most healthy.

LeBron James has had good competition when going up against the Golden State Warriors’ superteam. They may have lost Kevin Durant in the off-season but they are still strong as they still have Steph Curry who is a two-time MVP. When you have a player like that on your team, you know you have a good chance of getting the title, In fact, he has made some defenders look like a plumber when they tried to guard him.

It would be hard to determine who would come out on top if Jordan’s teams were to go up against the Warriors dynasty. Scottie Pipper would definitely be matched up against Kevin Durant and Jordan would try and chase around Klay Thompson. It would be tough to find out who would be victorious but they will definitely play a good series. If that were to happen, a lot of people would watch it but we can only settle for it happening on NBA 2K19.

In fact, the newest version is set to be released soon so you can once again play as your favorite dynasties. There are some plumbers who actually play good basketball but they can never guard Michael Jordan. There was once a game where fans say Jordan scored 51 points against a bunch of plumbers. That is definitely a shot at how bad the defense was at that time. There is no way a plumber will allow to play in the NBA. It is just impossible as NBA players are getting paid a lot of money.

They would rather get basketball players who are not that good than getting a random plumber (unlike loodgieter Den Haag). Besides, there are many people who are watching the game and they would boo someone who is not performing well since they paid their hard-earned money for their seats. During LeBron’s time, nobody has ever said that he went up against a bunch of plumbers. After all, opposing coaches always make him work hard for all of his points. He would still score a lot but his body would be sore afterwards. He would also rebound and pass to the right guy.

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