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4 Hockey Helmets to Consider If You’re Buying One in 2018

In hockey, if there is something elementary at the time of playing is the use of helmets. Everything is for precaution. Hockey is exciting like all sports are, but sometimes the players are so focused on playing and giving their best they don’t worry about any hit or fall. For this, they need to use protectors, including a good helmet. Here are some of the best options to buy this 2018:

Bauer RE-AKT 100

It’s one of the best helmets. Bauer itself has always been characterized by being one of the best brands when it comes to hockey helmets. But this one is better than any other because of the protection it provides to the person. Made with foam, has the Seven-Technology system in addition to the external material, which makes it totally strong to withstand any blow or fall but keeping it light-weighted.

Warrior Covert PX +

Also considered one of the best helmets of the year thanks to the strong protection it provides, it’s manufactured out of resistant materials. The best in the market has a dual-core technology, resistant foam with extra padding for better protection, it’s very comfortable to use due to being light, and it comes with strips of adjustments for a better fit.

CCM Fitlite 80

It’s the most comfortable helmet ever, due to how light it’s. But it’s made with excellent materials which will give you the greatest protection. It is made out of foam which provides you with a cushion for extra safety and comfort. It also has adjustable straps, to make it fit the size of your head, and make sure it’s well secured. Its outer material is totally resistant and unbreakable.

CCM Fitlite 3DS

It’s a good helmet, with an advanced protection system for professional use. It’s made with some developed foam to provide great comfort and protection at the time of any fall. It also has adjustable straps, and it’s very light.

In case you need a helmet to practice hockey, these are the ones you should definitely buy. They are very resistant, specially manufactured to calm the fall, and thus avoid strong blows to the head. You should always use this type of protectors to avoid any misfortune while practicing any hard sport.